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About Us

Our History & Origin

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We go back to the last century’s mid-seventies; specifically in 1976 when ElNaggari family began their pursuit to produce and export agricultural crops from Alexandria to the global markets, and that’s how the very first company of Naggari Group was established under the name of Naggari for International Trade.

Our product line back then ranged between pulses, grains, bird seeds, nuts, edible seeds, spices, medicinal herbs, dehydrated vegetables, and beans.

As our clients’ needs progressed, we coped with the higher demands by shifting our workflow to become more machinery and technology-based solutions dependable, after years of being solely dependent on manpower.

Naggari Group has led a long road of relentless pursuit to become one of the industry’s major leading pioneers in producing and exporting agricultural crops, in a very short time.

Naggari Exports coverage has expanded to reach more than 30 countries across three continents around the world, including the United Kingdom, Albania, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Portugal, Romania, France, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Taiwan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Syria, Thailand, Vietnam.

Our Present & Future 

Who are we?

After four decades of providing first-grade agricultural crops to the global markets, we were putting our sight on the local market, seeking to produce packaged and ready-for-consumption healthy food products for consumers under a trademark bearing the name our family. So, Naggari Food was established in 2018 to become an extension of Naggari Group, expanding its coverage all over the local and global markets, providing a wide range of premium healthy food products through our online and offline stores. In addition to our Private Labeling solutions that we provide to our partners, distributors, alongside small and big businesses within the food industry.

Throughout the early days of Naggari Food, our production was focused mainly on consumer goods, such as rice, sugar, and beans. But we were also planning to diversify our product lines to other healthy solutions, high nutrient value snacks, and super-food products. So, by 2021, Naggari Food extended its lines to a spectrum of premium products, ranging between core categories: oats, honey, coffee, spices, oils, nuts, and dates… with our never-ending determination to innovate and enrich our extensive catalog with broader segments.

Our Goals 

highest quality to global markets

At Naggari Food, we pride ourselves on the fact of being a result of long decades of experience, providing the highest quality to global markets.

For all of that and more, we dedicate our cherished legacy to developing the local food industry, and to expanding and opening new markets, bridging the gap between the global and local products by providing affordable healthy, and safe food products that cover and surpass the consumer’s needs, becoming a key ingredient in every home, with you in every meal and every occasion.

We always aim to be your trusted choice.

Private Services

What is Private Labeling?

What is Private Labeling?

Private labeling is simply the products manufactured by one company, under the trademark of another.

For whom?

Perhaps a supermarkets chain, a big or small business wants to launch a product under its trademark. Though, they don’t have the expertise, labor force, factories’ capacity, or even the cost required to get it done. In such case, they can rely on a sizeable company with extensive expertise, resources, and scope to carry out the product manufacturing through, while maintaining quality standards and specifications as they require.

Our Values

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We evolve and adapt efficiently, pushing boundaries to match the market needs.

Being Pioneers

We utilize the long legacy of more than 4 decades of experience, gifted to us by our founding fathers in every decision and every step we take.


Our culture is driven by trust and transparency, every decision or step we take is solely based on respect and honesty.


We take risks, test our limits, we're unafraid to reinvent ourselves and set further goals, aiming to deliver only the best to our loyal customers and clients.


We're passionate about developing, continuously learning, and analyzing to empower ourselves and our employees to improve and think bigger, we aim at steadily growing to expand our reach to the global markets.