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Private Labeling

Private Labeling

Know more about our Private Labeling service

Private labeling is simply the products manufactured by one company, under the trademark of another.

For whom?

Perhaps a supermarkets chain, a big or small business wants to launch a product under its trademark. Though, they don’t have the expertise, labor force, factories’ capacity, or even the cost required to get it done. In such case, they can rely on a sizeable company with extensive expertise, resources, and scope to carry out the product manufacturing through, while maintaining quality standards and specifications as they require.


Our distributors dedicate time, effort, and resources to provide an outstanding experience that delights our customers. Since we at Naggari Food constantly focus on excelling our quality and achieving the most efficient production levels possible, we realize that our success is bound to a far-reaching network of partners and distributors. We endeavor to assure and maintain such quality experience provided by our distributors and partner through Naggari Food’s various private labeling services.

By relying on NF to manufacture your products, we guarantee a result that fully matches your needs. You become our partner in the process of bringing the product to light; hence you have complete freedom to customize your specifications and materials while preserving the high-quality standards we follow in Naggari Food.

This freedom ensures greater control over your selling prices and profit margins, which boosts your abilities to achieve the profit you’re seeking.

Our various services do not end with the end of the production phase, NF also provides product packaging design, packing, and distribution services across its extensive networks of authorized distributors.

Among our clients

some of our clients 

Abouzeid Tea:

NF designed the packaging, conducted QC tests, and handled the packing and the supplies for Abouzeid Tea.


Sarai Market:

NF produced high-quality rice and sugar for Sarai Market, designed the packaging, conducted QC tests, handled the packing and the supplies.