COVID-19 changed everything, including how consumers shop. According to a 2020 Mastercard study, 72% of Egyptians are shopping more online than offline since the beginning of the pandemic.

The increase in ordering food and beverages online is undeniable. Naggari Food caught on the shift and rebranded with the consumers’ needs. So, here are the 3 reasons why Naggari Food went digital.


The company’s vision from the start is to reach the consumer however they shop, whether it’s online or offline. Nowadays, more consumers are shopping online than ever before.

So, to achieve maximum accessibility to the consumer, Naggari Food prioritized online stores, while also expanding its existence in offline stores and big supermarket chains.

Diversifying Product Lines

Early production of Naggari Food in 2018 focused mainly on consumer goods, such as rice, sugar, and beans. Since the beginning of 2021, Naggari Food has set its eyes on producing pre-packaged, ready-to-eat or consume healthy food products for the local market.

It diversified its product line to include other healthy solutions, nutrient-rich snacks, and super-food products. The new product lines include oats, honey, coffee, spices, oils, and nuts.

More importantly, Naggari Food is constantly evolving and expanding its product lines to new segments.

Private Labeling

The digital rebranding of Naggari Food broadens Naggari Food’s network availability to serve, such as small and medium enterprises, and other partners through its private labeling solutions services.

While ensuring to build a brand that can compete locally and globally through achieving the highest quality standards and specifications, Naggari Food’s rebranding also took various factors into consideration such as packaging designs, and printing materials.

To sum up, the new era of Naggari Food represents a futuristic vision and unprecedented dedication to evolve and take part in the never-ending development of the food industry both locally and globally.